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43000 guests have visited Ventpils Seaside Camping within nine months

This year Ventspils Seaside Camping has hosted more than 43 000 visitors within nine months, 60% were foreigners, while the remaining 40% – from Latvia.

This year the number of visitors has dropped by 19% compared to the nine months of the previous year. It should be emphasized that Ventspils Seaside Camping was visited by record-huge number of guests in 2008. It can be concluded that number of guests served in the tourist season of 2009 is less than in 2008, but exceeds the number of guests served in 2007. Taking into account the current difficult economic situation in Latvia and around the world, it can be concluded that this season camping rates are considered to be sufficiently successful.

Nearly half of the Ventspils Seaside Camping visitors came from Lithuania, 5% from Germany, 2% from Estonia. Also tourists from the Scandinavian countries and even from the U.S., Australia and Canada have visited Ventspils.

During the season period, Ventspils Seaside Camping also hosted various events organizers and participants, such as SEB “Musical Bank”, “Eurovision”, Youth Information and Mobility Centre “JUMC”. This year, also the annual Motorbike gathering – Kite Party – has been held in the Ventspils Seaside Camping.

It should be mentioned that this year for the fourth consecutive time the Latvian Camping Association has recognized Ventspils Seaside Camping as one of the best campings in Latvia, awarding it a note of acknowledgement.

In 2001 the first guests arrived at Ventspils Seaside Camping. During the tourism season, Ventspils Seaside Camping offers 43 comfortable camping houses, 70 trailer places and 200 comfortable tent places. The following services are available to guests of the camping – a kitchen and dining room, shower and WC, washing machine, vehicle parking lot, sheds in summer, sports fields, a playground for children, café during the tourist season. Leisure complex with sauna is also available. The camping also offers rent of inventory for active rest, trips, seminars, activities for children, etc.


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